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Holy Productive Saturday!


So yesterday, we were uber productive…I don’t know how it happened, but it just did. My goal this summer has been to get at least a couple Pinterest projects done…I’ve been pinning things like crazy since last August (I think that’s when I joined). I’ve made several delicious (and some not so delicious) recipes, and I’ve done some activities, but I hadn’t done a project. I did start a tutu table for Ava in January, buuuuuut that’s still on going…sometimes Ava tells me before she goes to bed, “Don’t forget to work on my tutu table tonight, Mom.” Maybe I’ll work on it some more when I finish blogging tonight…..maybe. Anyways, my other goal was to not only do a project, but to do one that will create more organization in our home, because our home seems to lack a lot of that. I finally decided my first project would be this one….

I thought this would be perfect in our kitchen! We have a big blank wall that I have never quite figured out what I wanted to do, but I knew we needed more storage. I had thought about putting up shelves, but I didn’t really know what I wanted to go on them, so we never got around to it. I’m so thankful I didn’t! We needed something with a purpose because our kitchen table and island quite often became the catch-all for every day things (Kids’ lunch boxes, forms that needed to be filled out, mail, etc.).

So last Friday, the kids and I took off to Michael’s (they had their baskets 40% off…I love 40% off! Baskets ain’t cheap!). Anytime I take a trip with my little tots solo, it’s always a fun time (I need a sarcasm font). If I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m mentioning it now. Briggs is COMPLETELY obsessed with anything round, as in the shape of a ball. Did I mention the basket aisle at Michael’s is on the same aisle as all their styrofoam shapes…mainly styrofoam balls? So while I’m searching for 4 baskets, Briggs is screaming “Ball! Ball! Ball!” and Ava has discovered some Dora stick on things and is begging me to buy them. I was FINALLY able to find 4 baskets with liners that I liked, but they were different colors. There was one blue and brown liner, and three pink and brown liners. Since I had to search all over the store to find the 4 matching baskets (they were each in a different place), I didn’t care that the liners weren’t of an equal number in color, I just figured I would take out the liners. Anyways, 2 round through the cashier’s line, a fight over balls, and convincing Ava that the Dora stick ons could wait until her birthday, we finally made it out of Michael’s. I felt successful….and tired.

We went out of town that weekend, so the next Tuesday (kids were in daycare….thank goodness), I made a trip to Hobby Lobby to buy wooden letters, ribbon, and acrylic paint (to paint the letters). That afternoon, I painted the letters, and worked on tying the ribbon into pretty bows. I have never been particularly fabulous at bow tying, so I did what any girl would do…I went to Pinterest. My friend Koco had just re-pinned a site about how to tie a pretty bow (it was for hair bows, but hey – it still worked)! It was perfect! And after tying 4 bows, super gluing coordinating ribbon to dangle from the bow to the letter, and mumbling a few inappropriate words (okay, not mumbling…there was a little shouting, but no good craft goes without, right?), it was looking good, but I realized I still needed something around the edge of the baskets since I took the liners out. So on Wednesday, back to Hobby Lobby I went, for some sheer turquoise ribbon. I was able to make some progress during nap time…

I started weaving the ribbon in the middle of the back of the basket, and when I brought the other side around, I just tucked it into itself. Here’s a picture, but it’s kind of hard to see how I did it.

The part I’m holding is where I started, then you can see the long piece where I finished it up. I cut the long strip off, and tucked what was left into the loop…it looked seamless.

After looping the ribbon through the tops of the baskets, I then super glued the bows with the letters attached to the middle of the front of the basket (sorry, I am still getting used to this blogging thing, and didn’t take step by step pictures, but I think the picture of the final product is pretty self-explanatory). I finally finished all 4 baskets Friday night.

I never realized our initials spelled SLAB until I lined the baskets up on the wall

All that was left to do now was to hang them. Bright and early on Saturday morning, I was determined to get them hung. And this is where my husband comes in. The original picture I saw had them hanging by a handle, but mine didn’t have handles, and I wasn’t going to make any. I told my husband I thought we could just nail them into the wall (I bought brown acrylic paint to paint over the nail heads so you wouldn’t be able to see them), but my geeky fabulous husband is also handy fabulous (and since he is geeky fabulous, he is also super technical about his handy work), so he completely disagreed with my nailing it in. We discussed shelves, so I wanted to go to Lowe’s right then. He wasn’t super motivated to do so, so I mentioned doing it myself, and that got him motivated 🙂 So off to Lowe’s our little SLABulous family went. Once we picked out just the right shelves (I loved the idea of shelves because I could also add a couple of special touches to it), the hubs decided his reward for getting my shelves was to get some pepper and herb plants (we have recently gotten the “gardening” bug and since Shawn has the green thumb in the family, I leave that up to him).

When we got back home (it was only like 10:00, so I was already feeling super productive – we may have young children, but we still don’t get moving for a while on a Saturday), Shawn was wanting to get started on his yard work, but he could tell I REALLY wanted to get the shelves up (especially since the kids were about to take a nap, and there was hammering involved). After my geeky-techie-handy fabulous hubby found the studs, found the level, and hung everything accordingly, my first official Pinterest project was complete!!

I LOVE it!

I ABSOLUTELY love it! I just threw a couple of picture frames on the shelves for now, but Briggs is having his one year pictures done this next Friday (be on the look out for that blog post!), so I hope to be changing those pics out soon (and putting some up of Briggs :p) I want to get a clip for each of the baskets to hold any important papers that need to be filled out/taken to school/remembered, etc. I think I’m going to get a little wooden symbol for each person from Hobby Lobby (a ball for Briggs, a princess tiara for Ava, and something for Shawn & I, too), and super glue it on to a clothes pin. I am so excited for how much more organized this is going to make our kitchen! It was pretty economical, too…I’ll break it down for you:

4 baskets at Michael’s (on clearance…originally $19.99 got them at $9.99 each) –  $39.96

Ribbons, Wooden Letters, & paint at Hobby Lobby (ribbon was 1/2 off the week I shopped, and unfinished wooden letters were 30% off)   – $14

Shelves (2 each at $9) – $18

Shelf brackets (2 packages of 2 at $9 each) – $18

Total – $89.96

Close-Up of B’s basket. After looking at this picture, I notice that the angle I took it from didn’t get the bow very well, but I’m no photographer, and I’m too comfortable (*cough* lazy) to get up and take another picture 🙂

You could do it even cheaper if you don’t have to do the shelves. Shawn really wanted shelves because we would be able to really put some weight in our baskets if we needed to.

Once that project was complete, Shawn wanted to get his new plants planted. We ended up buying a jalapeno plant, a bell pepper plant, and a basil plant. Shawn decided that he was going to build a little planter’s box along the fence to keep it off our patio (between a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old running around, the plants surely wouldn’t last long there). We eventually want to do a garden box, but that’s a project for another Saturday. Anyways, when Shawn brought me out to help and hold the laser (we have a pretty severe grade in our yard), I realized what an optical illusion we had going on…

Is the board level or slanted?

It’s perfectly level! Crazy, I know!

The finished product!
Jalapeno plant on left, bell pepper in the middle, and basil on the right

This project took Shawn about a total of an hour (and that’s just because he had to run back up to Lowe’s to get one more board). He already had all the wood (minus one board). And excuse the weeds, Shawn was planning on mowing and weed eating right after he did this…which he did, and then it rained – we were very thankful! Total cost for this project…

Plants (3 @ $2.98 each): &8.94

Pots (2 @ $1.98 each…we already had 1 pot): $3.96

Potting soil (1 BIG bag): $2.98

Boards (1 @ about $3 each…we had the other boards): $3

Total: $18.88

Now to grow some peppers and basil! I can’t wait for the basil, Shawn can’t wait for the jalapenos, and Ava can’t wait for the bell peppers!

Now we had both these projects done, the yard mowed, weed eaten, and edged, and the house picked up (not truly cleaned, but there’s only so much productivity that is allowed to happen on any given Saturday) by 3:00! Holy productive Saturday!!

That evening we had some friends over for dinner, and the babysitter because we were going to go out with said friends. My brain must have been mentally exhausted from all the productivity because at dinner, I had to perform the Infant Heimlich Maneuver (this is essential to know! We never had to do it with Ava, but we’ve had to do it with Briggs TWICE…he inhales his food) on Briggs when I gave him a piece of apple (with peel) that was a little too big. Then right after I had Briggs strapped back into his high chair with his water, Ava said in an extremely sweet and innocent voice, “Mommy, can you please take the knife off my plate.” I looked over, and sure enough, after having cut up her hot dog (so she didn’t choke), I left the serrated steak knife sitting on the edge of her plate. Thank goodness we have talked to her NUMEROUS times about the danger of knives, she knew she wasn’t allowed to touch them. After I praised her for bringing that to my attention and for handling it appropriately,  she said, “Mommy, you shouldn’t leave knives on my plate.”

And at this, I will conclude the blog post because I know you all are wanting to take the time to nominate me for Mother of the Year. Oh, and for more to add to my Mother of the Year nomination, this same day, Briggs used his snack cup to pour water from the dog’s water bowl into the dog’s food bowl, then picked up the bowl and drank the water. Yep. Mother of the Year.