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So long Spring Break


This weekend was my final weekend of spring break…Boo! I had a good spring break, although, I didn’t get any of the projects I was hoping to accomplish accomplished. The main reason I didn’t get much accomplished was because I spent most of it playing with Ava and Briggs, so I think that’s worth it. Ava and I spent a lot of time baking, doing letter activities, and chasing after Briggs who becoming quite the expert crawler. Speaking of Briggs, he turned 10 months old on Friday…I have no idea where the time has gone!

Double Digits!

As I mentioned, he is quite the crawler, and now that he is aware of this, he doesn’t want to stay anywhere! It took me many attempts to get the above picture…

I wonder how far down the floor is?

Hmmm...I think I can make that jump

Maybe if I smile really big, she won't notice I'm trying to get away

Saturday, of course, was St. Patrick’s Day. We were still hung over from the Zoo (that really takes it out of you!), so we spent the day at home. I made some green 4-leaf clover pancakes, but once they were cooked, you couldn’t see the green very well. They were still yummy!

I also made some green eggs with ham (I couldn’t resist)…we all had full tummies! We hung out around the house a good part of the day, then after Shawn spent the day doing yard work, we enjoyed the fruits of his labor and played outside.

Ava took this picture of Briggs

Ava the costume designer

Ava's love for doodle bugs continues

While I took the picture of Ava and her doodle bugs, Briggs shoved a handful of grass in his mouth

We also had to work on the letter A. Saturday we practiced writing the letter. She first made it with pretzels.

Pretzel A

She also wrote it on her Aqua-doodle mat, but the pictures of that didn’t come out very well. Sunday night we made food that starts with the letter A. We were over-achievers tonight and made 2 things: Avocado and chicken tacos then Angel food cake for dessert.


Ava couldn't resist eating them before dinner

The tasty Avocado and Chicken tacos!

Making the Angel food cake
"Can I lick it, Mommy?"

Her favorite part...and don't worry - there are no raw eggs in this batter (at least we didn't put any in)

I'm not going to pretend that I'm above licking the batter...that's my favorite part, too 🙂

Two more days of A activities, then on to a new letter! And with the end of the spring break, we’re on to the final leg of the school year….if we can get past all those STAAR tests – blah!