So I have decided to join the rest of the world and start blogging about the daily (or weekly or monthly; however often I end up updating my blog) adventures of the Clark family. I’m sure I will enjoy it. It involves two things I love: writing and talking about myself (and my family) :D. I am sure the primary contents of my blog will be about the only members of the Clark family anyone really cares to read about…Ava and Briggs.

Shawn already has a blog, but his is more professional….unlike mine, which will not be professional in any way (it’s more fun that way :p). You can read his blog: It’s pretty entertaining…especially if you know Shawn.

For any random people who may be reading this: Our fabulous family consists of me, Lara (Most Fabulous), my hubby, Shawn (Geeky Fabulous), our daughter, Ava (Most Fabulous In Training – MFIT), our  son Briggs (B-Fab) and last but not least, our four-legged fabulous family members, Shiner and Skippy. A little more about us…

Our Family 🙂

I am a fourth grade reading/language arts teacher and co-owner of W3IT. I’m sure I will occasionally blog about my 4th graders…they definitely give Ava some competition as far as entertainment goes.

Shawn is my hunky husband of 5 years. He runs our company, W3IT….and stays quite busy – God willing!

Ava, aka Miss Ava, Most Fabulous In Training (MFIT), Flava (this one came from her daycare teacher, Miss Robin), etc. She is our three year old daughter (as of November 18) who thinks she is running things. The sad thing is: she kind of does (just don’t tell her). The picture is a bit outdated, but I LOVE this one!

Ava and her ‘Lip’

Briggs Douglas is our newest addition who arrived May 16, 2011 at 5:59 pm at a whopping 9 lbs 14 oz and 22 inches…Momma was THANKFUL for a c-section (large head also – see Mr. Geeky Fabulous). Briggs is holding his own in Ava’s world, and I’m pretty sure there will be many stories to tell in that category…


Then we have Shiner and Skippy. Shiner is our 3 year old Pek-A-Poo. He’s spoiled rotten. He also thinks he’s running things. The sad thing is…….


Skippy is our adopted doggy. He’s a three year old Dachshund. He belonged to my grandparents, but when my Grandpa Couvey was diagnosed with cancer (he’s kicking the cancer’s butt, by the way) back in August, my parents offered to take Skippy off of their hands while Grandpa & Grandma were going through the beating cancer process (chemo, radiation, etc…only 3 more radiation treatments left btw!). Long story short, we ended up with Skippy while my parents went out of town and he and Shiner got along so well, we decided he would stay at our house.

Ava playing tug-of-war with Skippy

Well, that’s our Fabulous Family in a nutshell. Stay tuned for more….


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