The Penny


So if you’ve been following me on Facebook (which that’s where all of my blog views come from, so I’m guessing you have been :p), you know that we thought Briggs swallowed a penny Friday morning, and it has kept things entertaining. We found the un-swallowed penny (thank goodness!) tonight, and I was inspired to write a story to go along with the actual penny. So here it is…

The Penny

The Penny

There once was a penny; quite mischievous was he.

He was born in 2008, and we all know how 2008 babies can be!

He decided a life of lying on the floor

Was a life too boring, and he yearned for more.

He thought, “How dull to sit here and watch things happen.

I’m dying to be a part of the action!”

He saw his chance when the baby called Briggsy-Bear

Was put down to play, and he crawls everywhere;

Getting into any and every thing he should not

His parents try to tame him, and he just laughs at them… a lot.

Quickly, The Penny shined and he shimmered

With his entire penny might, he gleamed and he glimmered!

“I did it! I caught the eye of the babe!”

But as Daddy came close, Briggsy-Bear took a defensive measure

And shoved The Penny into his mouth to hide his shiny treasure.

While being changed on the table, Daddy got a see

Of something not quite right in the mouth of his baby.

When Daddy reached in, The Penny knew this wouldn’t be good,

So he shot out as fast as he could!

Flying through the air, he landed softly in a basket.

And this is when The Penny caused most of the racket!

The Daddy never saw The Penny come out, you see,

So he called Mommy quite frantically.

The doctor said, “Don’t worry, just wait,

The Penny should pass in 24 to 48.”

Mommy and Daddy waited ever so anxiously

For each poopie diaper they had to dig through carefully.

After three days, no sign of The Penny was to be seen,

And their sweet little Briggsy-Bear was looking a little green.

He started to run a fever so high

That not even medicine could get it to subside.

Mommy rushed him to the doctor crying of The Penny

That was causing so much trouble in her poor baby’s tummy!

With a temperature over one hundred and four

The doctor said, “Rush that baby out the door

And to the ER to get a good look

As to where The Penny might be caught in a nook.”

An X-ray was had to determine the danger

Only to discover The Penny that was, was no longer.

The doctor said it was simply a virus that caused the whole blunder

“But what has happened to The Penny,” Daddy said in a wonder.

Meanwhile, The Penny, lied there in the hamper

Wondering if he was doomed to sit in dirty clothes forever.

It was the next day when Mommy was doing the laundry,

And Alas! She came across The Penny that caused this great quandary!

While The Penny did feel a little remorse, he made his confession

And shared how he hoped the Clarks learned a great lesson.

Pennies weren’t minted to be spent on the floor.

Pennies were minted to be spent at the store!


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