What was I doing?


That’s how I feel lately, like I’m always asking, “And what was I doing?” All I have to say is, I can’t wait for summer! 20 more school days (not that I’m counting). I know I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks, because, well, I’ve been tired.  I think I last left off right before the STAAR test….whew! Glad that’s over!! (Although I had a student today ask me when the “real” test was….*deep breath* *deeeeeep breath*).

I am sad to say that what I predicted came true :/ I have not kept up the pace with our letter of the week activities. We have still been doing them, but I have not been doing them every night (I knew that was a bit ambitious), and I have not been taking as many pictures…we’re just lucky if we get the damn thing done. Oops….did I say that? Bad Mommy.

After the letter O, Ava picked the letter G for guitar! Shawn went through an “electric guitar phase” when he was younger, so we have had an old electric guitar in our house that Ava loves to play with. On Wednesday night (our first night of letter activities), we had gymnastics, and then she came home and serenaded us with the guitar. She sang quite a few songs (written by Ava), and put on quite the concert 🙂

Ava’s concert

Again, I wish I could say I planned that activity rather than doing a color page, buuuuut, I didn’t. This is how it happened. Pick up kids from school, get home, feed Briggs, give Ava a snack, get her dressed for gymnastics  (If you want to go to gymnastic you have to wear your leotard – no, you can’t wear the ballerina tutu because that one’s dirty – you can wear the pink leotard or the black leotard – I want the ballerina tutu – sorry, that one’s not available – wa wa – she eventually got the pink leotard on), go to gymnastics, come home, eat dinner, do baths, where’s Ava – I can hear her singing, Oh, she’s in the office singing with the guitar – perfect, that’s our letter this week. Done. 

Thursday night we did a “real” activity 🙂 I found a template with a big G and a little g, and she went outside and collected grass to glue on the big G, and then glued green glitter on the little g. It involved glitter – so she loved it, of course!

G is for Green, Grass, Glitter, & Glue!

The next thing we did (notice I’m not going by days anymore – this is when we stopped doing a “daily” activity – we always at least talk about the letter and its sounds) was make a guitar. Again, I would love to say that I came up with this on my own, but it all started with Ava, again. It must have been Sunday because she’s wearing a dress in the pictures. She got a paper plate out of the pantry, and asked to paint on it. I got out her paints, and she wanted green. We then talked about what letter “green” starts with, etc. While she was painting her plate, she told me it was her guitar (another G word), so I was like, “Oh, Yeah! We can make this a G activity!” I went rummaging through Shawn’s office to find something that could make the handle, and I found a box that I cut a flap off of. Ava then painted it, and I stapled it to the paper plate.

Painting the neck of the guitar

Then I had some green yarn (I know – I’m super prepared), that we used to make the strings and the strap. And no craft is complete, of course, without…….glitter! So we had to add green glitter to the guitar. Ava (and Briggs – to Ava’s dismay) have been using her guitar ever since – I think we have a star in the making  : )

Ava playing her guitar

After I took a picture of her playing the guitar, she wanted to take a picture of me playing. This picture is courtesy of Ava 🙂

For our “G” food for the week, we had Grilled steak with Garlic bread, and a salad (that didn’t start with G :p)…I don’t remember what night we did that, though. Probably Sunday.

Monday night we did read, “Goodnight Moon.” This was Ava’s favorite book when she was around 18 months, and so I was a little nostalgic reading it to her….she’s growing up so fast!

Before we knew it, it was time for another letter….V for volcano! I had high hopes to actually make a volcano this week, but that never happened – maybe during “review” week. I really failed during “V” week. We didn’t do much with it. We just flat-out skipped Wednesday night…Thursday night, she was supposed to dot letter “v’s” with her paint dotter. This website has awesome pages with a “word search” like page for each letter. Ava really liked doing that, except she wasn’t content with just dotting the v’s…she wanted to dot all the letter (hence the r and the y), so I let her get the yellow dotter, and I would tell her what letter to dot (I focused on the letters we have previously worked on). She also practiced writing the letter “v” at the bottom.

On Sunday, we ate vegetables, vermicelli with chicken and cheese , and I tried to get her to eat Vanilla ice cream for dessert, but if you know Ava, you know she is not big into sweets, so she wanted nothing of the ice cream, but she did want some Pringles.

For our V craft, we were going to make  a V is for Vase craft with flowers, etc, but we never got passed coloring the coffee filters for the vase. Ava doesn’t really like to color with crayons, so we didn’t get very far, and I was too tired to push. Terrible, I know. 

Monday night we read “Dora’s Valentine Adventure.” Ava did her usual, “I’m going to pretend I don’t know what the letter v looks like and drive Mommy crazy,” but we did manage to get through the book (Ava had to “read” the story to me, of course) with her pointing out the V’s. 

And now it’s Wednesday night, and we have not chosen a new letter yet. Again…oops. *Sigh* At this point, I’m just happy to be getting the kids to bed on time. Have I mentioned I’m ready for summer? 20 days…

And Ava’s not the only one keeping us entertained….Briggs has been doing his fair share lately…

Briggs just started standing by himself – AHHHHHHH!!!!! That only means his first steps are sooo close! And what did he stand for? Pizza. Yes, that would be what he stands for – he will do anything for food. If you eat anything in front of him, you better plan on sharing! I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that he turns 1 in just 2 short weeks. I love my Briggsy-Bear!

I have also been busy planning his first birthday party! And when I say busy planning, I mean I’ve been busy thinking about what I’ve been planning in my head. I still have so much to do for that. So, don’t hold your breath for my next blog post. It will probably come after his birthday party (which is May 12), and then comes his actual birthday on the 16th….so as usual, life will be crazy. I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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