I keep telling myself that once we get past the STAAR test (we’re DONE for the year this Wednesday!) that things will get back to “normal.” Except I don’t know what “normal” I’m talking about. Normal before we had Ava? Normal before we had Briggs? Normal before I was pregnant with Briggs? Normal before Shawn started his company? Normal before the STAAR test?Ā  I seem to keep saying, “Once (fill in the blank), things will be normal again,” but I need to come to the realization that our since of “normal” will always be changing, and I just don’t know if life will ever be “normal” again. There’s always a new stage filled with things that come easier and new challenges.

Speaking of new stages, Briggs is changing every day, and every day he is getting closer to outgrowing the “baby” stage. Just typing those words, I have tears in my eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited to see him growing up, and I am excited for the new adventures we will get to have with the kids as they are getting older and we’re able to do more things with them, but I am sad to see the baby stage go. It is such a short time in our life span, but so incredibly special. Ava’s only 3, and at times I feel like I’ve forgotten parts of her first year. We both love to relive it when we look through her Shutterfly photo book.

Back to Briggs, though, he turned 11 months old on April 16. He is everywhere he can be (and everywhere he’s not supposed to be). He crawls and pulls up on everything. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be long before he takes his first steps (I’m hoping we still have a couple of months). I’m not really ready for him to start walking, but the boy weighs so much, that I don’t know how much longer I can physically carry him. He weighs about 25 pounds (Ava weighs 33), and he’s a solid 25 pounds. When I carry him just from school to the car, my biceps are burning (maybe that’s just a sign that I need to work out more :p). Speaking of weight – he LOVES to eat. Don’t plan on eating anything in front of him that you don’t plan on sharing. And when I say in front of him, I mean in his general vicinity. The other day, we had just gotten home from school, and Ava wanted some Dora cereal for a snack. I didn’t want Briggs to have any because he was about to eat his dinner. He was in the living room playing, which I thought was pretty safe as long as he didn’t see me pouring it. Leaving the pantry door open (so I could hide what I was doing behind it), I quickly slid myself the 6 inches over to the island keeping the box of cereal below the waist. I poured the cereal into Ava’s bowl all below the island. I’m thinking, “Oh yeah, I’m good.” Then all the sudden Briggs starts screaming, looking at me, and doing the sign for “milk” which he uses for anything he wants to put in his mouth. There was no way he could have seen me with the cereal, so I can only conclude that he knew what I was doing when he heard the crinkling of the cereal bag. Crazy!

11 months old! Playing Peek-A-Boo with Mommy - one of his favorite games!

I haven’t updated our weekly letter activities in a while. As I mentioned last time, the week of Easter was a “review” week (really just a review day) for the letters F, A, Q, and Y. Ava did a word sort with the four letters, she did very well with it, but she is so strong-willed. She was first upset that I wrote the letters on the page – she wanted to do it. And then she was upset that she couldn’t glue the words where she wanted them. I tried to explain to her that they needed to go in a certain spot in the box so they would all fit. She figured it out after a couple of times, then enjoyed it much more šŸ™‚ So did Mommy!


Finished with her word sort!

The next letter she chose was O!

Ava chose O because of the octopus picture, so that was the picture she chose to color.

O is for Octopus!

Thursday night she glued little o’s (cheerios) onto a big O.

Gluing on the cheerios

I forgot to take a “finished” picture, but it’s still hanging on our wall, so I’ll have to add that in on my next post šŸ™‚

Friday night she wrote practiced writing the letter O with shaving cream…she had fun with that!


My hands are dirty!

Drawing an octopus

We didn’t get to do anything Saturday night because she and Briggs went to Honey and Bumpy’s. Sunday night was when we eat our letter food. We didn’t make anything, but Ava ate olives with her dinner, and she got to have an Oreo after dinner – she was happy! Monday night we read a book and pointed out all the letter O’s, but I didn’t get a picture, nor do I even remember what book we read – oops.

Tuesday night we did what was probably her favorite, we made an Octopus out of the letter O.

Painting the O for the octopus's body

O is for Octopus!

Of course, the octopus HAD to have glitter on it. According to Ava, it’s not over until you sprinkle some sparkle! This was our last activity for the letter O. She chose the letter G next (we are half way through letter G, but I am saving it for my next post). As I mentioned earlier, the STAAR test is upon us again (math and reading this time) and Shawn will be out of town for meetings, etc, so this week will promise to be another hectic one. I’m starting to think that’s our “normal.” Oh well…wouldn’t have it any other way! Hope you all have a week full of blessings and sleep!


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