29 and Holding!


Today I entered the last year of my 20s…AAAHHHH!!! I did have a wonderful day, though! Shawn did an excellent job in making sure my day was extra special. He woke up this morning to give me my birthday present…a brand new (super cute) Chi! It is a cute spring paisley pattern (my old one had gotten QUITE pathetic). Good job Hubs! He then went out and got breakfast for me…Slovacek and cheese kolaches from Kolache Rolf’s – yummy!

I then continued getting dressed for school in my fabulous birthday shoes that Ryan and Calli got me for my birthday! With Easter being the weekend before my birthday, I spent the last week or so getting ready for Easter and shopping for my kids which meant I never got a chance to get my birthday shoes…so they got them for me! I was so excited!!

Birthday shoes!

I loved them and have never been so comfortable in 5 inch heels…I wore them for 13 hours (okay, now I’m sounding like an old lady)! I had a great day at school – lots of “Happy Birthdays” from my students, although I did get several “You’re older than my mom!” from a few kids…first time that’s happened. My co-teachers gave me the BEST birthday card ever!

Best. Birthday. Card. Ever.

And so true! After school I was hoping to get a massage and maybe go shopping (but I forgot to schedule an appointment, I had to stay getting a few things done at school). But…I did go shopping. At Wal-Mart because I remembered that Briggs needed formula at school and diapers at home. Motherhood doesn’t stop for anyone’s birthday!

After school, we went to pick the kids up and go to dinner at La Bodega. When we picked up Briggs, he was wearing only his onesie (because his shorts got dirty at lunch), so we had to go back home to get pants for him. We finally got to go to dinner and had a great time at La Bodega (as great of a time you can have with 3 kids getting pretty close to bed time).

Yummy La Bodega! Luke, Madison, and Joseph

Julie and Me!

My Loves! Shawn trying to get a pic with the kids who were a tad over-stimulated

Jack and Ava watching the birds

Sweet Jack!

Briggs LOVED La Bodega also! He chowed down on half a burger, fries, and tons of black beans!

I also finally got to open my presents from the kids. Ava actually wrote my name on the card herself! Shawn told her to draw mountains for the M’s…she can draw O’s, but she wanted 2 of them, so Mom became Moom…

I've never been so proud to be a Moom!

I don’t worry, I remembered to tell her and Briggs thank you for the card 🙂 I opened my present from them, and apparently, the kids think getting closer to 3o makes me ashy…I got 6 bottles of lotion.

Shawn said Bath and Body Works had a buy 3 get 3 sale…gotta love him 🙂 After presents were opened, food was eaten, Ava got her head bumped by Shawn’s chair, and Briggs let us know (quite vocally) that it was getting close to his bedtime, we headed home…typical night! I am one lucky lady, and I look forward to my next 29th birthday!

Me and my 2 greatest accomplishments in my 29 years!
And once it's past bedtime, this is as good of a picture as you get 🙂


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