Hoppy Easter! Allelujah!


He is Risen! He is Risen indeed! Allelujah! We had an exciting Easter weekend bunny hoppin’ around! We kicked it off Thursday night by heading to Montgomery to spend Easter with Shawn’s family. Friday evening the rest of the Clark clan joined us, and we all had a blast! Ava and Briggs LOVED being with their cousins!

Clark Cousins! Kylie, Katherine, Landon, Ava, Briggs, Michael, and Haden
(Two sets of twins - Kylie, Ava, and Briggs are the only non-twins!)

I have a feeling these Clark boys will be getting into lots of trouble together!

Ava loves her Ky-Ky!

Ava also loves playing dress up!

Saturday morning we left Montgomery and headed to Huntsville to spend the rest of Easter with my family and my cousins, the Dierkers, from Ft. Worth. It’s the only time all year we get to see them, and we always have so much fun! The guys played golf Saturday morning. Once I got the kids napping (and Ben ‘babysitting’ while the kids napped – thanks Ben!), the ladies headed off to get our annual pedicures. Saturday evening, we had a crawfish boil – lots of fun. Shawn convinced Ava to hold one…eek!

Look Mommy!

Yes, she is wearing her bicycle helmet – she wore it all day (after riding on her bike).

Ava getting a "pedicure" by Aunt Kathy since she was napping when we got ours

Showing off her green fingers and toes!

Hanging with my handsome Briggsy-Bear!

My little stud taking a wagon ride

Ava showing off her new swim suit from Uncle Ryan and Aunt Calli!

Playing water hop-scotch with Shiner

Briggs checking it out...he was not a fan of sitting right in it. It was a little cold!

Much better! He loved to play in the spraying water...and laugh at his crazy sister running through it

After everyone ate, they decided to have a crawfish peeling party for the leftovers (there was a total of 70 pounds). My dad will make a delish crawfish etouffee with it. I supervised (and took pictures).

Ava, Bumpy, and crawfish!

Joey and Aunt Kathy peeling away

Ashley and I supervised and cheered on the crawfish peelers

Calli and her sister Chelsea (aka Pug)

Ava and Alfred went on a butterfly 'catching' adventure

Trying to catch one!

Saturday night was a blast, and we had so much fun seeing everyone! Before we knew it, it was time for Easter Sunday. The kids woke up early (Briggs woke up super early…he must have been so excited about the Easter Bunny coming :p). The morning was quite hectic doing Easter baskets, breakfast, and getting ready for church – so no pictures. Ava wanted to take her Easter bunny to church, so she asked my mom (Honey) and Aunt Kathy. They told her she needed to ask her mommy or daddy. She said, “I’ll go ask Daddy.” I bet that will change when she starts asking to go on dates! Back to Easter Sunday – church was beautiful! It is one of my very favorite services as we are reminded of the awesome love we are all so very blessed with! A longer church service with a teething ten month old, though, isn’t always easy. After church, we rushed home to get family pictures so we could get Briggs fed and down for a nap!

Our little family - SO blessed!

Shawn and me with Joey and Ashley
And mine and Joey's 29th Easter together!
Briggs had to partake - he was cutting a tooth, needed lunch, needed a nap, and therefore, very clingy!

Ava and Aunt Ashley!

Half of the Dierker crew
Uncle Charlie, Aunt Kathy Joey, Ashley, and Ben
Missing Caroline, Andrew, and John

Half of the Dretke crew (minus Ryan & Calli)
This was one of the last pictures, so the kids were getting difficult. Ava was being silly, and Briggs was intrigued.

Aaaaaand the last picture!
Ava couldn't stay focused, and Briggs was just, well...pissed.
Sorry grandparents! It made for a pretty comical photo op, though šŸ™‚

This picture represents those missing from our Easter gathering:
Ryan & Calli (they were there on Saturday, but Ryan had to work Sunday), John (he attends the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut), and Caroline & Andrew (They are living in Amman, Jordan while Caroline works at the US Embassy there)

Ava and Ben! Can't wait for him to come to A&M next fall!

After pictures and lunch (and Briggs got put down for a nap…sheesh!), Ava was ready to go play outside. She loved her Easter dress and shoes, so she insisted on wearing them all day! Honey got Ava a butterfly catching net, and it was a huge hit. Ava spent the afternoon chasing butterflies.

I love these pictures! After catching butterflies, she decided it was time for a joy-ride on her pink Harley.

Watch out world!

"Look, Mom! A butterfly! Oopsy."
Women drivers....

And Easter would not have been complete without a ride on the tractor.

We had such a beautiful Easter, and we are so blessed with our families! What a way to celebrate our Lord’s sacrifice for us!


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