From F to A


So we said good-bye to the letter F at the beginning of the week! Monday night’s F activity was to read a book with the letter F. Since we have a fireman in the family (Uncle Ryan), I chose this book….

Honey and Bumpy got to read the book with Ava because I was lucky enough to get tickets to see the Zac Brown Band at the Houston Rodeo with my one of my besties from high school, Suzette! We didn’t get to spend a ton of time together, but the short time we did, we had a blast. Thank you Suzy Q!!

Suzy & Me after Zac Brown

Tuesday night’s F activity was to play a game that started with the letter. I decided on Leap Frog. Now, I could tell you how much FUN we had playing and how silly we all were jumping over each other – we’re quite the perfect family, and everything ALWAYS goes as planned you know. Oh, and I am the perfect mother who is always even-tempered, never impatient, and always has everything done. BUT…..things didn’t go as planned on Tuesday. I picked the kids up from Honey & Bumpy’s (they stayed with them while I went to the concert and Shawn worked) in the morning, then we met Shawn for lunch at T.G.I. Fridays (where Ava pointed out the letter F’s without being prompted – so there ya go), went home, the kids took naps that weren’t near long enough, then we went to the park, then to the store, then grilled out. While we were grilling out, Ava decided she was IN LOVE with doodle-bugs (yes, she used the word love, “Mommy, I love it!”), and she was not interested in playing leap-frog (especially after she found out she could not bring her doodle-bug to dinner – she was quite devastated). I decided it wasn’t worth the battle, so we did no official F activity on Tuesday. I probably could have tried harder, buuuuuut I was tired. Everyone ended the evening pretty grumpy (see above note about naps)

For our next letter, Ava chose the letter A…to no one’s surprise!

And I’m just now looking at the picture above and realizing that I wrote my lowercase a’s differently…oops. I usually write my a’s as they are on the bottom, but for Ava’s sake I figured I would write them the ‘normal’ way…guess I better keep that consistent.

Wednesday night’s activity was once again coloring tracing the letter and coloring a picture. She did it extremely well, but I can’t find the picture (I know I took one…maybe …see perfect mom note above). We also made her an alphabet book where we will keep some of her letter creations to remember all the Alphabet fun we had, and as a way to review the letters we have learned.

If you have been reading my blog, you will remember that Wednesday night’s activity is something simple because we have gymnastics. Funny story about gymnastics this week…there wasn’t any. Unfortunately we didn’t figure that out until we drove up all ready for gymnastics only to find no cars in the parking lot. See perfect mom note above (Perfect mom saved the day, though, and suggested an evening of fun at Gattitown – that seemed to help).

Thursday night’s activity was a craft. She made an Alligator A!

A is for Alligator!

Ava and her Alligator

The alligator was a hungry one and went around eating everyone!

Shiner said, "Bring it on 'gator!"

I think Briggs was a little more worried that the alligator was going to eat all his blueberries.

Skippy was too fast for the alligator, and luckily for me, alligator’s heard that Mommy’s don’t taste very good, so I was safe 🙂

Now our day 3 activity is typically to do practice writing the letter and day 4’s is to do an activity that starts with the letter, but we planned on going to the zoo on Friday, so I switched the two, and our activity was “Animals!” We had a blast at the zoo, and Ava pointed out letter A’s and F’s. See next blog post for more on the zoo 🙂


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