A Zoo of a day!


So this past week has been my spring break…and it went waaaaay too quickly! We ended it with a trip to the zoo (I consider Friday to be the end since I have Saturday and Sunday off anyways). Are we crazy for going to the Houston Zoo during spring break? Yes. Did we have fun anyways? Yes! Did we end the day exhausted beyond belief? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Because we knew it would be extremely crowded with the Rodeo being in town AND it being spring break, we wanted to leave early. Our goal was 7:30, but we left at 8:00…not too shabby. Parking ended up being a nightmare, so Shawn dropped us off while he searched for a spot. He ended up parking in the medical center, about a mile away from the zoo (remember this for later). But sooner, rather than later, we were all reconnected, along with our friends Jason, Heather, and their son Gavin who joined us, and ready for a fun day at the zoo.


When we first got to the tigers, they were sleeping. I told Ava maybe she should roar at them to wake them up. She did, and guess what…they woke up! Haha…I seriously doubt they heard her, but according to Ava, they did 🙂

Gavin and his daddy, Jason

Briggs was just happy to be eating

If I could just get a little bit closer...

Ava telling me, "Mommy, you can't climb on the fence, okay! You might fall in." after she just got told the same thing (see previous picture)

Next we went to the Children’s Zoo. Would you like to know the part of the zoo to avoid during spring break? It’s the children’s zoo. We suffered through the petting zoo and the prairie dog (which had no prairie dogs in it today, but Ava and Shawn got to do the tunnel).

I'm a prairie dog!

After lunch, Ava and Gavin were dying to ride the carousel. Ava had her heart set on riding the zebra, and was quite traumatized when the zebra got taken.


She quickly got over it once the ride started.

Oh, the rides going? I'm over it.

I want on!

Family photo in front of the bear exhibit…Ava was not interested in focusing on the camera. Can’t blame her!

Cute monkeys (I know they have a more scientific name) taking an afternoon siesta…

So cute!

Briggs thought the monkeys had the right idea

We saw many many fun animals, but by 2:00, the zoo was getting ridiculously crowded, so we headed out around 3:00. As we left, hoards of people were coming in. I could not imagine being there then….I am so glad we got there as early as we did! We said our good-byes to our dear friends Jason, Heather, and Gavin and our little family left the zoo tired, hot, and wanting nothing more than to crawl into our air-conditioned car and drive home.As previously mentioned, Shawn had to park forever away in some parking garage waaaaay on the other side of the medical center! Thankfully, we had Briggs in the stroller and Ava in the wagon. Ava, though, was going on no nap, so as we trekked to the car, she passed out….on the cooler!

She slept like this the ENTIRE way to the car…from walking down busy streets, bumping up and down ramps, and racing through busy intersections. She finally awoke as we entered the elevator to go to our car. It was an extremely tight elevator that we had to squeeze ourselves plus the stroller and the wagon into. We got off the elevator on the 8th floor (why am I sharing this with you? Stay tuned). No car. “Hmmm. Must be the wrong floor,” says Shawn. Fit back into the elevator. Floor 9. No car. “Hmmm. Must be the wrong floor,” says Shawn. Shove ourselves back into the elevator. Floor 7. CAR!!! I can’t blame Shawn too much….that is totally something I would do. Unfortunately for you, I didn’t get a picture of us shoved into the elevator….it was quite comical.

We finally got to head home, but not before hitting what Houston is known best for….its traffic. Ugh! Shawn and I rewarded ourselves by meeting some friends, Luke, Julie, and their son Jack at Chuy’s. It was perfect patio and margarita weather! A great way to end my spring break!

A few other pictures from our spring break…

Lunch with Daddy

Smashing cookies to make Leprechaun bark!

Look what I can do, Mom!

Play time!


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