F is for Fun!


The last few days have been filled with lots and lots of rain (which we are definitely QUITE thankful for), so that means we have spent mucho time indoors! Luckily, I had the letter of the week activities planned, so we didn’t go too stir crazy 🙂 Friday night’s activity was to write the letter. I plan on using different “fun” methods to write the letter each week. Friday night she got to write the letter on the dry erase board.

F is for Flag!

She wrote the letter F quite quickly (which I was extremely impressed), and by the time I got the camera, she realized that she could connect the two sidebars on the F and make a flag (a word that starts with F)…I wish I could say that I planned that, buuuut, she totally did that one on her own (which is really even better). She wrote the F’s on the other side of the board then switched to the back of it when I went to get the camera.

The other exciting thing that happened on Friday, was that Briggs started CRAWLING! I have mixed feelings about this milestone. For one crawling means the baby never stays where you put him. I have a hard enough time keeping up with things that don’t move right now….now a baby on the go?! Eeek! Secondly, crawling means my baby is growing up. Once they start crawling, everything goes SO fast (literally and figuratively). I am not ready to say bye-bye to the baby year yet, although I know there is so much fun to have in the toddler years, and beyond. I just want to hang on a little bit longer, so you definitely won’t see me encouraging the walking (Shawn however, can’t wait for the toddler years – Oh, the differences between Mommies and Daddies). Back to Briggs crawling – fortunately, he hasn’t completely realized he can crawl yet, so he hasn’t really crawled more than 4-5 crawl steps at a time. By the end of the weekend, though, he was getting a little more familiar with it. I think I only have about a day left until he truly takes off. Be on the look out for a video soon…

Now back to letter of the week. Saturday’s activity is to do an activity that begins with the letter. The first activity we did was finger painting. She did that really fast, and I forgot to take a picture of that one. When she finger paints, she mixes all the colors together, so I’m sure you can create your own picture. The second activity we did was to dress “F”ancy while doing a look and “F”ind (she did the fancy part on her own by donning all her necklaces). She first glued popsicle sticks onto the paper to form the letter F. She then sifted through a box of glitter foam letters to find all the “F’s” and things that start with “F.”

Finding the F's

"Tada! I found an F, Mommy!"

She absolutely loved this activity (she is crazy about stickers), and wasn’t content after she had found all the “F’s” so she snuck in a few other letters while I got the camera to take a picture…sneaky little “f”ox 🙂

Sunday night’s activity was to make a food with the letter. We made Fondue!

Shake, Shake, Shake! Preparing the cheese to be melted.



Even Briggs got in on the Fondue action. He actually loved it more than anyone else...who's surprised? And yes, he's wearing Christmas jammies...don't judge.

Fondue night got a little crazy

We had so much Fun-do! Haha…I know that was cheesy (okay, okay, I’ll stop) :p. And in case you didn’t notice, Ava decided she was going to be a “Buzz Buzz Bee” and wore her Bee costume all day long. She even took a nap in it.

This Busy Bee wore herself out

We have two more days to spend on the letter F, then Ava will pick a new letter. I am so thrilled at how well this is turning out, how much she is loving it, and how much she is getting into it- she is amazing me every day! Before I started this, she was showing very little interest in letters, other than the letter A, because A is for Ava (of course)…she’s not self-centered at all. I knew she knew more than she would show me, and this is really bringing it out. I hope it continues!


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  1. I love that you don’t stop being a wonderful teacher at school, and that you actually take it home with you! Just another reason I think you are awesome! (( :

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