It’s been a while…


So it’s been a loooooooooooong time since I have last posted. I stopped blogging about my fabulous family because I felt a lot of my posts were a tad redundant since I am such a frequent poster on Facebook, and anything interesting that I would have blogged about, was written on Facebook. Now, however, since my family has become all the more fabulous with the addition of Briggs (aka Briggsy, Briggsy-Bear, the Briggsmeister, B-Fab, or Master B) last May, I thought I would give it a go again.

To fill you in on the last year and a half (as if you haven’t been on facebook)…I got knocked up again, Ava turned 2, Shawn made his night job his day job by taking W3IT full time, Briggs made his Earthly debut (at a whopping 9 lbs 14 oz) last May, Ava turned 3, aaaaand life just continues to be fabulously crazy!

37 weeks preggo!

Ava is 2!

                                                                                             Briggs makes his debut!

Ava is 3!

So that’s where our fabulous family has been since September of 2010. Now, for our life currently…

We have really been trying to work with Ava on her letters, so I decided to start  “Letter of the Week” activities with her. I started by showing her an ABC chart, and letting her pick which letter she would like to start with.

Letter of the Week

By the picture, you can tell she chose “F.” She liked the picture of the fancy fish 🙂 And excuse my drawings…I have never claimed to be an artist! Each night we do a different activity with the letter. I decided to start our “Letter of the Week” week with Wednesday because Wednesday is our busiest night of the week (Ava has gymnastics), and I thought a good way to introduce the letter is by doing something simple such as coloring the letter.

Day 1: Write letter/Color Picture

She actually did really well with this! This was more of writing the letter, but she was supposed to color the pictures at the bottom also (as I mentioned Wednesday nights are BUSY, but she’s also not huge on coloring with crayons). As you can see she only got to one.  Day 2 is to do a craft with the letter. We actually did two crafts.

She LOVED gluing the feathers on the F. We also made footprint flowers…

Ava's Footprint Flowers!

This was a lot of fun (and an idea I got off of Pinterest…love that site)! She loved how the paint tickled her feet. Tomorrow night’s activity is more practice writing and making the letter. I’m really excited about this, and she seems to be loving it so far! Stay tuned for how it goes….


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