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This week has been an exhausting one! Shawn spent the past week preparing for a conference he had today – which means our kitchen was overtaken by a giant dry erase board, projectors and laptops on the table. I have been going crazy with last minute preps for the 2 day STAAR writing test my kids started today. So I have a bit of catching up to do. I think I left off with last Thursday. Well, Thursday night was my Bunco night (and I needed Bunco!), so we practice writing the letter Y, and she got to watch Yo Gabba Gabba. No pictures, though – sorry!

Friday night we did our Y craft. She got to glue several different yellow things on a Y (pipe cleaners, poof, feathers, buttons, beads, poms, etc.). She loved it!

We lined the Y with yellow yarn

Proud of her yellow Y

If you look closely, you can see the giant white board in the back. On Saturday, I taught Saturday school, so Shawn decided to take advantage of the giant white board and projector he had set up. He sells a product called Mimeo which he was showcasing at his conference (very similar to SMART board, but you don’t need a particular board – you can use any whiteboard), hence the reason for it being set up in our kitchen. He had her do a sorting activity where she dragged pictures of items into the correct “sound” category.

Dragging the "yak" to the /y/ sound

Ava also did her letter sort where she found Y stickers and stuck them on a paper where we glued popsicle sticks in the shape of a Y. We didn’t actually take the picture of it until Sunday.

Moving target

Sunday was Yum Day! We made yellow cupcakes with yellow frosting and then we made yam fries!

Couldn't resist taking a bite

We formed the cupcakes in the shape of a Y

Yummy yam fries

I am thinking that I need to chill a little on all the cooking I’ve been doing on the weekends – it’s yummy, but I feel like I am spending all weekend in the kitchen. Maybe next week I’ll keep it simple…we’ll see 🙂

Our Monday was a CRAZY one! Briggs greeted us that morning with a fever – probably one of the worst times for him to get sick. Shawn stayed home with Briggs while trying to finish last-minute preparations for his conference on Tuesday. I spent the day going insane finalizing supplemental aides for my kids for the STAAR test, reviewing for the STAAR test and when I realized Briggs was running a pretty high fever mid-day, trying to figure out who the heck was going to take care of him on Tuesday. Shawn had his conference in Huntsville, and I had the STAAR test. Both of our moms had prior obligations, and thankfully, my brother (Uncle Ryan) was able to come to the rescue! We didn’t get everything figured out until Monday evening, so it was quite hectic. I didn’t even get a chance to think about dinner until almost 6:00…pizza it was! Our Monday night Y activity, was to read a book and find the y’s in it (thank goodness)! Ava chose to read Elmo Says. Sorry – again, no pictures.

Tuesday night, we were just thankful to get to! First day of testing – done! Conference – done! And both were successful! Briggs, unfortunately, is still not feeling too well, but Shawn will be able to stay home with him again tomorrow. Tuesday night we are supposed to play a game that starts with the letter. We did the yo-yo ( I wasn’t able to get a good picture, though), and we did yoga on the Wii. Ava really enjoyed that!

The Warrior Pose

The Tree

Excited about getting to hu-hu (hula hoop) after the yoga

And Tuesday night concluded our Y activities. She got to choose her next letter tonight. She chose………..Q! Really?! She is really going to make we work this week! The Q picture has a queen with it, so she said, “Q for Queen!” Maybe that means we’ll get to do lots of reminders about how Mommy is Queen! Ha! Now I’ll finish with a few photos of Ava playing dress up and my sweet Briggsy-Bear!

Briggs is into anything ball

Ava thought Shiner needed U

Briggs has learned a thing or two from the dogs on how to transport stolen property from Ava's room