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Long Time No Post!


Well…’s life been for you? For us, it’s been CRAZY yet WONDERFUL!! This last summer was not very relaxing, but quite productive! Shawn’s (our) business, W3It, has really grown, and I am so proud of him! But what that means is he works….ALL the time. He works full time still during the day, and he works every evening and weekend! Business has been busy, which is SO good, but exhausting….for the both of us since I have all the Ava duty while he works.

Let’s talk about that Ava duty….

I am 99.9% positive Ava has entered her terrible 2’s! If she hasn’t, then LORD help me for when she does, because OH MY!!! Ava is a toxic combination of BUSY and INDEPENDENT….extremely busy & independent!! For some reason, she loves to fight her Mommy on just about, well, everything (except bedtime which saves me)! I’ve learned if I tell her not to do something, she can’t wait to try it! Her favorite phrase, “No Mommy!” when I’m trying to help her do something.

"No Mommy!" I can get my own cheerios!

Mommy, no pictures. I'm a busy lady!

If you can’t tell in the previous picture, Ava is talking on two phones! Yes, two. I said she was busy!

She also talks, talks, talks, talks, and talks a little bit more (no idea where she gets it from). Every night when I put her to bed, we have to have bedtime conversation where she tells me a little bit about everything…in her own language of course! She does speak our language quite a bit, too. She says just about everything, and pronounces it pretty well. Although the word frog sounds a little funny. I’m expecting a phone call from her school next time they talk about frogs…if you know what I mean ; )

Till next time (probably will be awhile :p just being honest)!

Love the Fabulous Clark Family!!