I don’t make this stuff up people…


Since it’s been over 2 months since I’ve last blogged (I won’t even get in to how crazy, yet wonderful, life has been…most of you know anyway), I figured I would make this blog about some of the crazy and silly things Ava has done in the past couple of months (If you follow my facebook posts, you are probably up to date on many of these, but oh well!).

So if you have met my geeky fabulous husband, you would know he is also Daddy fabulous, according to Miss Ava (and her mommy!). And if you have met either of them, you would know she is COMPLETELY a Daddy’s girl, and she has him RIGHT where she wants him (Mommy tells her “no” a bit too often). So one evening, we are sitting at the table, and Ava quite obviously wants something. Mr. Geeky Fabulous tells her to use her words, which, to her means to say ‘Please’ (more like ‘pease’). She crawls up into Shawn’s lap, and he asks if she wants the phone…”No!” He asks if she wants the notepad…”No!” He asks if she wants the basket…”No!” He finally points to his wallet, “Do you want this?” She gets this gigantic grin on her face, then simultaneously signs and says “Pease!!”

Ava has also really gotten into dipping her food into things….ketchup, bbq sauce, you name it! One night she was eating Avocado (that’s her Mexican coming out), and for some reason we had mustard out (probably her Daddy’s doing….he likes to dip in random sauces, too). Before we knew it, Ava was dipping her avocado in mustard! Yes, mustard!! And she continued to finish her avocado that way! I like mustard, but geez!!

All of the sudden one day a couple of weeks ago, Ava started counting! At first she just started counting to 3! I must preface all of this, though, with the fact that she skips 1. I guess, I always start with 1, so she doesn’t think she needs to say it. My father-in-law, Pop, came up with the great idea that I should start with 0 so she’ll say 1…we’ll have to try that! Anyways, at first she just started with 3…Here’s the link to the facebook video (But I think you have to be a member to see it).  Then a few days later, she kept going, and counted all the way to 8 (being jump started with 1, of course)! I was quite impressed!

Water has become quite the attraction for Little Miss Fabulous….anytime she sees any body of water (from a lake, to a water bottle, to a toilet, to a dog bowl). She screams, “Wa-er! Wa-er!” Right in front of her school, there is a nice little pond, and whenever she gets to school, she sees it, and does her little wa-er! scream, then as she walks away from it, she waves and tells it, “Bye!” The scary thing is, whenever she sees water, she wants to get in it right away, so naturally, she doesn’t go anywhere around water without us! Her favorite thing to do at the pool, though, is go “2, 3, Jump!” We think it’s pretty fabulous 🙂

Now, as always, there is much more to add, but it is late, and as I am teaching summer school this summer (I know…what in the world was I thinking?!?!) I have to get up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for my fabulous group of 4th graders in the morning. Be on the look out for a part 2!

Stay Fabulous!!


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