He is Risen!


He is Risen indeed! Hallelujah! This Easter marked the 29th year we have celebrated with the Dierkers! My parents started the tradition with my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Charlie 29 years ago when they were just newlyweds! It has now grown to 15 as the 2nd generation is getting married and having babies, although we were missing 2 crucial members, my brother, Ryan, and his fiance, Call. Ryan had to work on Sunday 😦 and Calli was at a tournament for her sister.

The Dretke's (minus Ryan & Calli)

The Dierker Clan + Andrew

This Easter, though, was extra special because Caroline was able to be with us this year. Since she left Texas a few years ago to work in DC, she hasn’t been able to come to Easter, so she has been dearly missed! Not only did she bring her fabulous self, but she brought her fabulous boyfriend, Andrew, for us all to meet and harass…it was great fun! He handled it well, and if we didn’t scare him away….nothing will! He’s a keeper Caroline!

Our Easter weekend begins as it always does with Good Friday service. Ava got in some play time with rocks before we left to church. Church itself that evening was quite a challenge with her. If you don’t know, Good Friday service is quite a solemn one as we remember what happened the moments before and after the death of Christ on the cross. Well, Ava was not into solemness, so she and Daddy spent most of the service in the nursery. Ava before church…

Ava Rocks!

Saturday was a fun day with the ladies getting pedicures and most of the boys going to the movies.

Pedis - One of the best Easter traditions!

Aunt Kathy was ousted….

Aunt Kathy

While we were getting pedis and Shawn & Grumpy were out running errands, Ava got to spend some quality time with her Uncle Joey and Uncle Ryan (luckily, he only had to work Easter Sunday). Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures 😦 Saturday evening was great fun as we all relaxed in the backyard while Dad & Ryan cooked up some delicious barbecue!


After Ava lounged in the hammock, Grumpy took her on a tractor ride…one of her favorites!

On the tractor!

One required Saturday activity is the dying of Easter eggs! This was the first year Ava got to participate. Her favorite part was getting to stick her hands in the colored water!

Dying eggs!

Saturday night we had a blast playing the name game! We had WAY too much fun, and I think we will have to make it a new Easter tradition! Easter Sunday finally came, and Ava was pretty excited about her Easter basket and all the came in it! She even got some sandals that she insisted on putting on immediately, over her pj’s!

Found my Easter basket in the shower! Crazy Easter bunny!

After Easter baskets, it was time for church! Ava was so excited to be at church, that she couldn’t contain herself! My Uncle Charlie said it best after the service, “Great wrestling match.” Ava is not one known to sit still to say the least, but for the most part, between a calculator she thought was a phone, lots of goldfish, and many toys, she was pretty ‘good.’ Afterwards we went back to my parents to take pictures and eat a scrumptious lunch cooked by my Dad! Once again, a FABULOUS Easter!

Couldn't let Easter go by without a pic on the tractor!

Our FABULOUS Family!

I will end this post with an update on some of Ava’s recent vocabulary additions as well as animal sounds….



Huh-ey (Honey)

GumPy (Grumpy)

PeePee (Skippy)

RyRy (Uncle Ryan)

Shinah (Shiner)


Animal Sounds she likes to say:

Lion (Roar) – her first and favorite!

Cat (Meow)

Dog (Woof)


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