A Month to Remember


February has been quite a month for this fab family! We left off right before my Mom’s (Honey to Miss Ava) 50th birthday, which we celebrated twice.

First, by surprising her with a limo ride with her best girls to Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant for dinner and drinks with friends on her actual bday (2/18). The theme was 50 & Fabulous with the attire being black & bling…it turned out great!

In the Limo!

Ava made it, too!

Cutting the cake!

Second, by going to dinner at Mark’s American Cuisine with the family (Mom, Dad, Ryan, Calli, Shawn, & Me). Ava stayed in Montgomery with Nana and Pop – this place was a tad too fancy for Ava. We had a good time, but Dad and I accidentally ordered some VERY expensive fish….$90.00 A PLATE!!!! By far, the most expensive fish we will ever eat! It was sooooo yummy, though!


The Ladies at Mark's

Mom & Dad

We were all exhausted after a long, but fun weekend! As we tried to recover the following week (yeah, right!) we were greeted with snowfall….in Texas….almost in March!!! Crazy, but fun…and beautiful!!

Ava leaving school in the snow

Ava just keeps getting more and more fun! She is really becoming quite independent! Her favorite word is still ‘hi.’ Her teacher told me she is the official greeter in their classroom. Unfortunately, though, ‘no’ is getting up there in the ranks. It’s all part of the process, right? She yelled ‘no’ to me today, then laughed….geez! New words in her vocab: stinky, yucky, and Shiner

She also is learning to use a fork. She really loves it and is quite good at it (the dogs love her using the fork also). Last night we discovered she has a love for Chinese food…mainly sesame chicken and orange chicken (probably because those were her only choices). She couldn’t get enough of it! I see chopsticks in her future!

Kisses have been a fun thing lately. She has two kinds of kisses she gives. The first is a head butt, where she leans her head into yours for you to give her a kiss (the problem here is that she has a really hard head!). The second is the open mouth kiss with lots of drool, but Mommy & Daddy don’t care! We have been trying to get her to say “love you,” but tonight we realized that we must say “I love you” every time we give her a kiss, because when I said, “Say ‘love you,'” she went in for a kiss! It was SO sweet! Then I asked her, “Do you love me?” and she went in for another kiss! She did the same with Daddy!

I think my novel has been written tonight…..I am hopefully off to bed early. We are looking forward to a weekend staying in town filled with housework, side business work, and hopefully some relaxation in between!



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