Feelin’ the Love


February is already half way over, and I feel like it just began! At school, we have the writing TAKS test coming up March 3, so that has kept me quite stressed and crazy! Shawn has also had lots going on with his hospital job and some very exciting possibilities with his side-business!

Last week was especially crazy for me…aside from getting prepped for the TAKS test, I co-sponsor student council, and our primary fund-raiser is carnation sales. So….that meant I had to be at school every day last week by 7:00 am. This was rough on me, and Shawn, because that meant he had to do more to get Ava ready for school in the mornings….ugh! So needless to say, we took this weekend to RELAX!!
Friday afternoon, we had our Valentine’s parties at school (where my kids have apparently decided they are going to fatten me up – I have chocolate coming out of my ears!), and then Ava had her first Valentine’s party at school. I think they had one last year, but come on…how much partyin’ can you do when you’re 3 months old and only drink formula?! I think she enjoyed it much more, this year! When we left, she of course had to carry her lunch box. I got a picture of it on our way out:

Ava & her lunch box

Friday night was all about relaxing for us:

Reading my night-night book

Ava is really starting to show us what a big girl she is. It’s cute, but kind of sad to see my baby girl growing up. She has started to not only really understand what we say to her, but respond to it. Friday night, she was playing in the kitchen, and when I told her it was time to go to bed, she put everything up and walked to her room. At church today, I asked her if she wanted to take off her coat, and she lifted up her arms so I could take it off. Finally, this afternoon, when I got her up from nap, I told her she had to leave her paci in her bed, so she took it out and put it back in her bed. She screamed for about 10 minutes afterwards; I guess she didn’t think she had to leave it there!

Ava has learned her ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ quite well. She signs ‘please’ and says ‘thank you.’ It’s pretty cute, although she still tries to scream first. She, of course, still says “Hi!” like it’s going out of style…to anyone and everyone she sees!

Finally, Valentine’s morning, I made her heart-shaped french toast and she got a Valentine’s gorilla with velcro arms. We then went to church where she constantly greeted those around us and tried to run all over the place while we bribed her to stay next to us and quiet by feeding her goldfish – a typical Sunday!

Our Valentine’s pictures…

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm smiling Mommy!

Can I play now?!

And finally our fabulous family…


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