So my posts seem to be getting fewer and far between, but that’s how life goes, I guess. We have been extremely busy since my last post at the beginning of January, but busy is good!

January 7 was my geeky fabulous husband’s 28th birthday (gees he’s getting old!). We celebrated by going to Montgomery to hang out with the Clark clan and do a belated Christmas with them. We had A LOT of fun, especially with the kids! Michael & Landon (who just turned 4!!) are great with their cousin, Baby Ava! They love each other so much (as long as there aren’t toys involved…haha), and it’s so fun to watch them interact. Here’s a pic of the gang…

Clark Clan

The following 2 weekends were spent with good friends. Both Shawn and I had things going on in the Woodlands, so we got to spend some time with Kyle & Jennifer in Spring. Ava and Jennifer got some bonding time in (they hadn’t seen her since she was 3 motnhs old)…she went right to Jennifer when she got there! We spent the weekend grillin’ and chillin’…couldn’t have been better!

The weekend after the Johnson family (April, Phillip, and Connor) and the Gerwigs (Mike & Kathy) came into town for a wedding. We got to babysit Connor while the rest of the gang went to the wedding. Connor and Ava were quite the duo! Check out the video of the two of them dancing:

And now for the lastest Ava news….

Ava has now been at her new school for 4 weeks, and she (and we) love it! Now that she is a ‘young toddler” she insists on walking and carrying her pink princess lunch box…going in to school and leaving! It’s the cutest thing…I will try to get a picture of it (her lunch box is half as big as she is!). Not only is her lunch box half her size, but so is her lunch! This girl can out eat some of my 4th graders…seriously! For breakfast she eats an entire bowl of oatmeal along with scrambled eggs. For lunch, she eats a whole peanut butter sandwich, a bowl of green beans, and raspberries!

She also is now saying and signing “please” when she wants something…which we are so proud of! For those of you that know Ava, you know she is quite demanding and impatient (not sure where she gets it from :p), so we wanted to make sure she started using her manners early on. She, of course, tries to scream and sign ‘please,’ but we make her say it ‘nicely’ to get what she wants!

She also has gotten a little bossy with the dogs. When she’s in her high chair, she likes to point and shout “down!” to them (once again, not sure where she learned that). When she’s on ‘their level’ she likes to point at them and tell them a thing or two!

Ava has grown quite affectionate for the phone. She puts it (and anything that resembles a phone) to her ear and says “Huh-O” (we’re working on our ‘l’ sounds) then begins a conversation in Ava language that is way above Mommy & Daddy!

Ava’s teachers told me today that she was holding hands with a little boy at nap time (ahhh!!!). Apparently they were lying next to each other, and they both were sleeping with their hands above their heads when their hands touched, and they grabbed on to each other. Cute, but not sure I’m ready for this!

I’ll end tonight’s post with an update of Ava’s vocabulary as of 2/2/10:

Hi! : Still her all time favorite. If you don’t say “hi” back, she starts yelling it at you…that’s her favorite “grocery store past-time”


Dog : Her first word every morning

Ah-ow! – Her version of uh-oh




Down – an order for the dogs, as well as Mommy & Daddy when she wants to walk

Pease – please

Tan-you: Thank you


Book – Brand new as of tonight

And last but not least…..

Te-tu: Peek-a-boo (her favorite game)!

And I’m sure there are some I’m forgetting, but those are off the top of my head!

Good night all!


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