Twenty Ten…Nice to See You Again


So it has been a CRAZY long time since I last posted, and I think I have figured out what has caused the lack of blogging. Whenever I post a blog, I want to have pictures to go with it.  Little background info for our house….we have 3 computers: 1 desktop (the family computer) and we each have a laptop. If you know me, you know I never have a shortage of pictures of us (mainly Ava), however, I upload all of our pics to the family computer, but I do my blogging in bed on my laptop. So whenever I want to blog, I think, “Oh, but I need to put those pics on my laptop to put on my blog,” therefore, keeping me from blogging.

So I hope you (and I) can get over the fact that there won’t be any pictures in this blog. If you feel the need for Ava pictures, my facebook site is usually full of them (I typically upload them to fb almost as quickly as they are uploaded to the fam computer).

So what has been happening with the fabulous Clark clan since the last blog post, you might ask. Mainly…Christmas and all the festivities along with that.

Even though Ava was physically present last year at Christmas, I really consider this her first Christmas. Instead of selling the baby clothes that say “Baby’s First Christmas,” they should sell some that say “Baby’s First Conscious Christmas.” Last year she was only 5 weeks old and just slept through everything. This year, well, just keep reading….

This year was QUITE the opposite. One of the most important things to me for Christmas is attending Christmas Eve service, and I was so excited to share this with Ava. Well, unfortunately, the feeling was NOT mutual. Ava wanted nothing more than to run like a crazy child, so I spent the majority of the service in the foyer chasing her around. Since we spent the whole service in the foyer, I thought we could go back in for  “Silent Night” where they turn off the lights and we each hold a candle. I don’t recommend doing this with a 12 month old. She liked the fire and the candle, and kept trying to touch it. It was a disaster which luckily only ended with melted wax all in my purse instead of a child’s burned hand.

After the service, we went back to my parents’ house in Huntsville for the Christmas Eve festivities. Every Christmas Eve, my family eats Menudo and tamales (remember I’m a quarter Mexican….it comes out every Cmas eve) and we have lots of family to share it with! This year I was lucky enough to spend it with BOTH of my grandparents (4 of Ava’s great grandparents!). How many people can say this?!?! My Aunt Denise, Uncle Paul and their 7 (yes seven) children were with them. It was great to see them as always, although the children are growing up WAY too fast! And, of course, what is a Christmas Eve without some close family friends, as well? Calli’s (my brother, Ryan’s fiance) family was there along with my parents’ dear friends Alfred, (Big) Ava, and Jace. A fun time was had by all!

This Christmas Eve was also a monumental night as I learned why it was so hard to get my parents out of bed Christmas morning for all those years growing up. I used to always think they were staying in bed to be mean and keep us from opening our presents (how dare they!), but this night was the night I learned…..they were tired as hell! I stayed up until 3 am (with my dear mom…a mother’s job is never done…she made sure I wasn’t alone) getting everything ready for Ava Christmas morning.

Christmas morning was a lot of fun. Even though Ava didn’t understand everything, she pulled toys out of her stocking and got very excited about the gifts and new toys. My Grandpa Couvey played Santa just like always and passed out the gifts. It was….fabulous 🙂 The only major thing missing was my brother, Ryan 😦 He had to work….the fire station is never closed!

After Christmas, of course, comes the New Year. We rang in 2010 quite calmly. My good friend and co-teacher, Fergie (officialy, Laura, but since 3 of us co-teachers are Lara/Lauras we go by last names…hers is Ferguson) and her boyfriend, Gabe came over. We gave Ava her New Year’s kiss on European time as her bed time comes well before midnight, and we weren’t willing to let her extend it. Maybe next year :p

Ta-Ta for now…hopefully more will come soon. I have lots more to share…maybe with pictures :p Ava just keeps getting more entertaining!


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