Catching Up


Well it has been a while since my last post, so I thought I would catch you up on what’s been going on.

Last weekend was fun. On Friday, we took Ava to see the lights at Christmas in the Park. For those of you non-locals, it’s a park that the city decorates for Christmas time. On the weekend, they offer free hayrides and hot cocoa. We didn’t take Ava on the hayride (it was pretty chilly, the line was long, and she was getting tired), but we did walk through the lights. Ava loves lights, and she has started to say “light” or “ight.” We, of course, had to take some pics before we left. This is the first of 3 pics when Ava is the happiest. My hubby loves to take this family shot….you shall see it often. The more you read my blog, the more you will understand the nickname, Geeky Fabulous.

Not satisfied with the first one, Shawn tries again, much to Ava’s dismay. She let us know about it…

Still trying for that perfect picture, Shawn takes one more while Mommy makes things all better with a little magic….It is determined, however, that the first pic turned out the best.

On Saturday, we had Mr. Geeky Fabulous’s company Christmas party. My brother and his fiance (Uncle Ryan and Aunt Calli for Ava) came up to babysit. Their massive chocolate lab Trigger (Ava’s pony) also came. Trigger is very well behaved, but they did have to put him outside during dinner time, because, well, as I  said he’s massive, and he wouldn’t even have to lift a paw (literally) to eat off of her tray. What dog could resist that? Ava really does think she has her own pony, though. Ava had lots of fun, though, playing with her Aunt & Uncle and wrapping them around her finger. Mommy and Daddy had a lot of fun getting to play outside the house for a change.

On Sunday, my parents (Honey and Grumpy) asked if they could take Ava with them to Kingsland to visit my grandparents (Ava would be a surprise). They were going for just a quick trip to lift my grandpa’s spirits. He is done with radiation (Hooray!), but due to pain from it, he had been a little down. Ava definitely helped! While there they decided that Ava would call my Grandpa Paw Paw (and Grandma Abuelita, but that was already decided).

Honey, Ava, and PawPaw

Well, there is definitely more to say, but I’ll save that for another day. It is late, and I need all my energy to deal with my kiddos tomorrow as it is the last day before Christmas break, which means parties, etc. Woo hoo!!


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