Back to Mommy-Hood


After the last couple of evenings filled with student council activities, I finally got to get back to my Ava activities. Tuesday night (Christmas party) and Wednesday night (ringing the bell for Salvation Army)  with my student council group were fun, but I missed my little girl! This afternoon and this evening, thankfully, we were back to our normal routine (Daddy was happy)….

I started off by picking her up at school. This is truly the best part of the whole day. Today, when I walked in, she had her back to me while she was playing with some toys. As soon as I said, “Ava” she turned her head and smiled the biggest and brightest smile she had, stood up and walked towards me with her arms outstretched. This is how picking her up everyday is (except for her birthday, but that’s a story for another day). No matter what kind of day I have had up to this point, it all gets washed away when I get to pick her up and see her beautiful smile!

Enough of the mushy stuff….after I picked her up, I took her to her new school for a little play date. In January, she will start at St. Thomas Aquinas, and I am taking her there a few times before she goes so she can start getting ‘acquainted’ with the room, the kids, and the teachers. My mom, aka Honey to Ava, happened to be in town, so she came, too. Ava seemed to really like it. She already had one little boy swooning over her and giving her his toys…..

After our play date at school, we got to go to “The Wal-Mart” for some AR prizes I needed for school. Ava kept herself entertained by insisting on saying “Hi” to every single person we passed. If they didn’t respond to her, she just kept repeating herself. If they did respond, she just kept repeating herself. Everyone thought she was ‘so darn cute!’

After our big afternoon with play dates and Wal-Mart, we went home to eat dinner and play while she continued to play her favorite game: Does Mommy really mean no? and How far can I go? One example is her playing in the dogs’ water bowls. This is one of her favorite ‘forbidden’ past times. She always looks right at me as she is about to do it. This time I happened to have the camera nearby…

Do you really mean 'no?'

For more on some of Ava’s favorite games, you can click on the following links to see a video.

Game 1: Getting out the big dutch oven lids and pushing them around on our tile floors

Game 2: Peek-a-Boo

Game 3: Peek-a-Boo (and feeding the doggies)

Finally we ended the night with a story about shapes, our bedtime prayer and a goodnight kiss. Perfect night…

...Until about an hour and a half later when she decided she wanted to play and didn’t want to be in bed. She lures us into this trap by screaming her head off and making us think something is wrong. When we get her up, she just wants to play. When she did this a week ago it took us 3 times to figure out what she was doing. Tonight, it just took us the one time We’re getting smarter you see….


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  1. She is at such a fun age! I couldn’t help but think that Avrian is very much like the little boy who is giving away his toys to Ava 🙂

  2. We love the news about Ava. The kids especially liked the videos–they insisted on watching all of them several times –and cracked up. We love you!!! xoxo

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