Her Mommy’s Daughter


I am typing tonight’s post in green…read on for the reason (I’ve got to keep you hooked somehow, right?).

Tonight was pretty busy as we drove to Huntsville to look at all of Ava’s pictures from her first birthday photo shoot (finally! life has been so crazy these past few weeks!) and order some. As we’re getting ready to leave, Ava insists (she is quite convincing) on one of her favorite activities: standing in the driver’s seat playing with the steering wheel…..

Checking the rear view

It didn’t take her long to find the lever for the blinkers and figure out that the lever also controlled the brights. This was extremely entertaining for her since the car was parked in the garage, and the lights flashed onto the wall.

We're turning left...and blinding people!

Once she finally got tired of playing with the steering wheel (translation…Once Mommy pried Ava’s hands off the steering wheel while she screamed…) we were on our way to Huntsville to make tough decisions on which of her fabulous pictures to order.

Katy Lampson Photography (www.katylampsonphotography) did her pictures, and Katy did an AMAZING job!! I’m sure most of you have seen Ava’s pictures, and we couldn’t have been happier with them! If you haven’t seen them: http://klampson.photobiz.com/cart/events.cfm?displaystart=41 Click on “Ava Clark” and enter any email address to see the pics. Anyways, while I was playing decision maker on which photos to order, Shawn and Katy’s darling daughter, Hannah, kept Ava occupied and happy!

After our time at the studio, we had a very classy dinner at Denny’s. It was at Denny’s where we discovered one of Ava’s new faves: limes (hence the green font)

Taking a full bite....

The verdict………..

She wants more!

…….She can’t get enough! She proceeded to eat the heck out of that lime!

What was left

All I have to say….she is her Mommy’s daughter! I was all about the lemons and crackers when I was a young ‘un. It will be another 20 years, though, before Ava truly discovers the full extent of the fabulousness that is the lime!


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