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Catching Up


Well it has been a while since my last post, so I thought I would catch you up on what’s been going on.

Last weekend was fun. On Friday, we took Ava to see the lights at Christmas in the Park. For those of you non-locals, it’s a park that the city decorates for Christmas time. On the weekend, they offer free hayrides and hot cocoa. We didn’t take Ava on the hayride (it was pretty chilly, the line was long, and she was getting tired), but we did walk through the lights. Ava loves lights, and she has started to say “light” or “ight.” We, of course, had to take some pics before we left. This is the first of 3 pics when Ava is the happiest. My hubby loves to take this family shot….you shall see it often. The more you read my blog, the more you will understand the nickname, Geeky Fabulous.

Not satisfied with the first one, Shawn tries again, much to Ava’s dismay. She let us know about it…

Still trying for that perfect picture, Shawn takes one more while Mommy makes things all better with a little magic….It is determined, however, that the first pic turned out the best.

On Saturday, we had Mr. Geeky Fabulous’s company Christmas party. My brother and his fiance (Uncle Ryan and Aunt Calli for Ava) came up to babysit. Their massive chocolate lab Trigger (Ava’s pony) also came. Trigger is very well behaved, but they did have to put him outside during dinner time, because, well, as I  said he’s massive, and he wouldn’t even have to lift a paw (literally) to eat off of her tray. What dog could resist that? Ava really does think she has her own pony, though. Ava had lots of fun, though, playing with her Aunt & Uncle and wrapping them around her finger. Mommy and Daddy had a lot of fun getting to play outside the house for a change.

On Sunday, my parents (Honey and Grumpy) asked if they could take Ava with them to Kingsland to visit my grandparents (Ava would be a surprise). They were going for just a quick trip to lift my grandpa’s spirits. He is done with radiation (Hooray!), but due to pain from it, he had been a little down. Ava definitely helped! While there they decided that Ava would call my Grandpa Paw Paw (and Grandma Abuelita, but that was already decided).

Honey, Ava, and PawPaw

Well, there is definitely more to say, but I’ll save that for another day. It is late, and I need all my energy to deal with my kiddos tomorrow as it is the last day before Christmas break, which means parties, etc. Woo hoo!!


Back to Mommy-Hood


After the last couple of evenings filled with student council activities, I finally got to get back to my Ava activities. Tuesday night (Christmas party) and Wednesday night (ringing the bell for Salvation Army)  with my student council group were fun, but I missed my little girl! This afternoon and this evening, thankfully, we were back to our normal routine (Daddy was happy)….

I started off by picking her up at school. This is truly the best part of the whole day. Today, when I walked in, she had her back to me while she was playing with some toys. As soon as I said, “Ava” she turned her head and smiled the biggest and brightest smile she had, stood up and walked towards me with her arms outstretched. This is how picking her up everyday is (except for her birthday, but that’s a story for another day). No matter what kind of day I have had up to this point, it all gets washed away when I get to pick her up and see her beautiful smile!

Enough of the mushy stuff….after I picked her up, I took her to her new school for a little play date. In January, she will start at St. Thomas Aquinas, and I am taking her there a few times before she goes so she can start getting ‘acquainted’ with the room, the kids, and the teachers. My mom, aka Honey to Ava, happened to be in town, so she came, too. Ava seemed to really like it. She already had one little boy swooning over her and giving her his toys…..

After our play date at school, we got to go to “The Wal-Mart” for some AR prizes I needed for school. Ava kept herself entertained by insisting on saying “Hi” to every single person we passed. If they didn’t respond to her, she just kept repeating herself. If they did respond, she just kept repeating herself. Everyone thought she was ‘so darn cute!’

After our big afternoon with play dates and Wal-Mart, we went home to eat dinner and play while she continued to play her favorite game: Does Mommy really mean no? and How far can I go? One example is her playing in the dogs’ water bowls. This is one of her favorite ‘forbidden’ past times. She always looks right at me as she is about to do it. This time I happened to have the camera nearby…

Do you really mean 'no?'

For more on some of Ava’s favorite games, you can click on the following links to see a video.

Game 1: Getting out the big dutch oven lids and pushing them around on our tile floors

Game 2: Peek-a-Boo

Game 3: Peek-a-Boo (and feeding the doggies)

Finally we ended the night with a story about shapes, our bedtime prayer and a goodnight kiss. Perfect night…

...Until about an hour and a half later when she decided she wanted to play and didn’t want to be in bed. She lures us into this trap by screaming her head off and making us think something is wrong. When we get her up, she just wants to play. When she did this a week ago it took us 3 times to figure out what she was doing. Tonight, it just took us the one time We’re getting smarter you see….

Her Mommy’s Daughter


I am typing tonight’s post in green…read on for the reason (I’ve got to keep you hooked somehow, right?).

Tonight was pretty busy as we drove to Huntsville to look at all of Ava’s pictures from her first birthday photo shoot (finally! life has been so crazy these past few weeks!) and order some. As we’re getting ready to leave, Ava insists (she is quite convincing) on one of her favorite activities: standing in the driver’s seat playing with the steering wheel…..

Checking the rear view

It didn’t take her long to find the lever for the blinkers and figure out that the lever also controlled the brights. This was extremely entertaining for her since the car was parked in the garage, and the lights flashed onto the wall.

We're turning left...and blinding people!

Once she finally got tired of playing with the steering wheel (translation…Once Mommy pried Ava’s hands off the steering wheel while she screamed…) we were on our way to Huntsville to make tough decisions on which of her fabulous pictures to order.

Katy Lampson Photography (www.katylampsonphotography) did her pictures, and Katy did an AMAZING job!! I’m sure most of you have seen Ava’s pictures, and we couldn’t have been happier with them! If you haven’t seen them: Click on “Ava Clark” and enter any email address to see the pics. Anyways, while I was playing decision maker on which photos to order, Shawn and Katy’s darling daughter, Hannah, kept Ava occupied and happy!

After our time at the studio, we had a very classy dinner at Denny’s. It was at Denny’s where we discovered one of Ava’s new faves: limes (hence the green font)

Taking a full bite....

The verdict………..

She wants more!

…….She can’t get enough! She proceeded to eat the heck out of that lime!

What was left

All I have to say….she is her Mommy’s daughter! I was all about the lemons and crackers when I was a young ‘un. It will be another 20 years, though, before Ava truly discovers the full extent of the fabulousness that is the lime!

Jumping on the blogging-bandwagon!


So I have decided to join the rest of the world and start blogging about the daily (or weekly or monthly; however often I end up updating my blog) adventures of the Clark family. I’m sure I will enjoy it. It involves two things I love: writing and talking about myself (and my family) :D. I am sure the primary contents of my blog will be about the only member of the Clark family anyone really cares to read about…Miss Ava.

Shawn already has a blog, but his is more professional….unlike mine, which will not be professional in any way (it’s more fun that way :p). You can read his blog: It’s pretty entertaining…especially if you know Shawn.

For any random people who may be reading this: Our fabulous family consists of me, Lara (Most Fabulous), my hubby, Shawn (Geeky Fabulous), our daughter, Ava (Most Fabulous In Training – MFIT), our  son Briggs (B-Fab) and last but not least, our four-legged fabulous family members, Shiner and Skippy. A little more about us…

Our Family 🙂

I am a fourth grade reading/language arts teacher. I’m sure I will occasionally blog about my 4th graders…they definitely give Ava some competition as far as entertainment goes.

Shawn is my hunky husband of 5 years. He runs our company, W3IT….and stays quite busy – God willing!

Ava, aka Miss Ava, Most Fabulous In Training (MFIT), Flava (this one came from her daycare teacher, Miss Robin), etc. She is our three year old daughter (as of November 18) who thinks she is running things. The sad thing is: she kind of does (just don’t tell her). The picture is a bit outdated, but I LOVE this one!

Ava and her 'Lip'

Briggs Douglas is our newest addition who arrived May 16, 2011 at 5:59 pm at a whopping 9 lbs 14 oz and 22 inches…Momma was THANKFUL for a c-section (large head also – see Mr. Geeky Fabulous). Briggs is holding his own in Ava’s world, and I’m pretty sure there will be many stories to tell in that category…


Then we have Shiner and Skippy. Shiner is our 3 year old Pek-A-Poo. He’s spoiled rotten. He also thinks he’s running things. The sad thing is…….


Skippy is our adopted doggy. He’s a three year old Dachshund. He belonged to my grandparents, but when my Grandpa Couvey was diagnosed with cancer (he’s kicking the cancer’s butt, by the way) back in August, my parents offered to take Skippy off of their hands while Grandpa & Grandma were going through the beating cancer process (chemo, radiation, etc…only 3 more radiation treatments left btw!). Long story short, we ended up with Skippy while my parents went out of town and he and Shiner got along so well, we decided he would stay at our house.

Ava playing tug-of-war with Skippy

Well, that’s our Fabulous Family in a nutshell. Stay tuned for more….